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    200片,每片200毫克 或 200丸,每丸200毫克。
    Guang Ci Tang®优点

    • 更高浓缩,为普通浓缩丸的二倍;
    • 最纯的科学萃取产品,含最少量甚至无辅料;
    • 不含任何西药成分,人工色素和糖等添加物;
    • 通过重金属检测,符合美国药典标准;
    • 保密配方工艺技术;
    • 剂量更小,包装量更大,可服用更长;
    • 由药品cGMP认证工厂生产;
    • 美国品牌;
    • 专销美国市场(自1995年)。







    1. 忌烟、酒及辛辣、生冷、油腻食物。
    2. 不宜在服药期间同时服用滋补性中成药。
    3. 风寒感冒者不适用,其表现为恶寒重,发热轻,无汗,鼻塞流清涕,口不渴,咳吐稀白痰。
    4. 有高血压、心脏病、肝病、糖尿病、肾病等慢性病严重者、孕妇或正在接受其它治疗的患者,均应在医师指导下服用。
    5. 服药三天后,症状无改善,或出现发热咳嗽加重,并有其他症状如胸闷、心悸等时应去医院就诊。
    6. 按照用法用量服用,小儿、年老体虚者应在医师指导下服用。
    7. 连续服用应向医师咨询。
    8. 药品性状发生改变时禁止服用。
    9. 儿童必须在成人的监护下使用。
    10. 请将此药品放在儿童不能接触的地方。
    11. 如正在服用其他药品,使用本品前请咨询医师或药师。


    Cold Signoff™ (Yin Qiao Jie Du Pian) is rated 5.0 out of 5 by 7.
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from ...tell you how happy I am with your product ...tell you how happy I am with your product. A fellow ballet dancer introduced me to your product last year in the middle of the seasons' fall tour. As many of the company members were getting sick, he and I came through the month long adventure healthy. We traveled throughout the midwest by bus. Very close quarters! When we got back home, I contacted you and ordered my own supply. Now Nutcracker Season is here again, and I already have started to take your product to stave off the inevitable shared quarters contagious factor. Specifically, I take the quiang li yin qiao jie du wan and the ling qiao jie du pian. I find the second to be extremely effective in keeping me healthy during the dancing days of the holidays. Thank you for providing such a worthwhile and effective product.
    Date published: 2007-11-23
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from As usual the potency is excellent! I bought this for my kids to use during the cold and flu season and it works. I wanted something all natural and quick because we are a working household that cannot afford sick days. I'm very happy that I bought this product and so are my kids, they don't like being sick either.
    Date published: 2014-11-02
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Best cold med I always keep it at home and at work. Anytime I'm around people that are sick. I just take the pills and I don't get sick. Or at the first sign of any cold symptom, I take it as my first line of defense against a cold. Love it.
    Date published: 2014-03-29
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Best cold prevention pills ever Would recommend this to anyone catching a cold. Have this in your medicine cabinet and you will cut the frequency of your colds or flu. Take at first signs or if around sickies and you won't get sick.
    Date published: 2014-03-12
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from I was referred to Cold Signoff by friends. It is working very well. I was referred to Cold Signoff by friends. It is working very well.
    Date published: 2010-06-14
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from My Go-To Remedy I take this product at the very first sign a cold may be coming on. It works every time! I can't remember the last time I had a bad cold. I am around children every day, so I'm exposed to lots of germs. I used to get a few bad colds every year. Now Cold Sign-Off makes my life healthier.
    Date published: 2014-11-10
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Stops a cold in its tracks! A friend recommended this. She said to take it when you feel a cold coming on. It zapped my symptoms in half and let me go about my business.
    Date published: 2014-03-16

    Do these pills have a smooth bright yellow coating? I'm trying to find a cold remedy given to me by my acupuncturist, and she simply told me to look for the "yellow cold pill." They look like a yellow Advil tablet. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

    Asked by: solais3

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