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Are ActiveHerb Products Safe from Coronavirus?

We are all saddened by the disastrous outbreak of the new coronavirus in China in recent weeks. Many of our customers have expressed the concern about any possibility of our products being contaminated by the virus. We completely understand such a concern and would like to address it below. The short answer is that our products are now and will continually be absolutely free of any coronavirus contamination.

1. For now, all products you purchase and receive are from inventory stocked in our US warehouse before the outbreak.

2. For the products that are now being shipped from the ocean, they have been manufactured and warehoused before the outbreak. Any goods imported from China by sea takes no less than 2 weeks to arrive. Remember that the virus survives, grows and spreads via human bodies. It does not survive on its own in the air or on any surface beyond hours.

3. For the products that are being or will be manufactured, they have always been produced in GMP certified facilities. GMP dictates every aspect of good manufacturing practice. Being free of contamination of bacteria and virus is simply a part of it. This includes the use of clean rooms which are free of bacteria and virus and the deployment of staff that are tested in good health. In fact, everyone and all the equipment and material need to be disinfected first before they enter the manufacturing area. You may refer to here to get a glimpse of the process.

Please rest assured that the safety of our products and our customers is always our top priority.