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Pain Is Your Body’s “Check Engine” Light

If you own a car you may have noticed there is an indicator light on the dashboard much like the one pictured here. It should never stay “on” unless there is a matter that requires serious attention. This is so widely known that when people see this light come on they address the occurrence with the utmost attention. However, when people have pain, indicating that there is something wrong with their body, they ignore it.

People “push through” pain driving their bodies for days, even months on end, to perform daily tasks in addition to all the unexpected activities that require more energy and thought. Inevitably, what happens to the body is the same thing that would happen to your car; a catastrophic breakdown… reaching a state where the body just can’t function normally or won’t function at all.

The trouble is… people don’t seem to agree on what sort of pain is worthy of a doctor’s attention unless, of course, it feels like they’re going to die. Many people simply use this as their criteria for going to the hospital.

The resolution, by that point, is likely to cost you more time and money than if you had the problem addressed immediately. It may even cost you your life.

For example, I had one client who wanted me to see her immediately for excruciating pain emanating from her knee. My examination revealed that she had a blood clot or “deep vein thrombosis”. Luckily, I was able to recommend an herbal formula for her that safely dissolved the clot within a few days. She had a long history of blood disorders so was quick to dismiss pains she experienced prior. I explained to her that had the clot broken loose and traveled to her lungs she could have died. This was not a pain she was familiar with and because it was in her leg, she thought it nothing more than a nuisance.

Pain is an indication that there is something wrong with your body that is worthy of being checked out. Take it upon yourself to figure out by any available means what your pain indicates and what your body is telling you. It’ll save you in the long run.