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About ActiveHerb

ActiveHerb Technology, Inc. was founded with one goal in mind: to develop and sell the best Chinese herbal medicines available. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has a rich history that spans thousands of years. Even today, the ancient practices of TCM are an integral part of China's national healthcare system. Here at ActiveHerb we believe that TCM can function as a beneficial complement to modern Western medicine. With soaring healthcare costs and disappointing developments with new drugs, TCM represents a profound opportunity to maintain health and wellness, without the cost or side effects of Western medicine.

ActiveHerb set out to create something very different, and we represent a vanguard in the industry.   Learn More >

Chinese Medicine: Do they work?

Interested in trying herbal medicines? You’re not alone! The popularity of herbal medicine is steadily increasing in the United States. Recent surveys showed that about half of American adults have used herbal supplements within the last year. Many of them can testify to the beneficial effects of herbal medicines. The reasons for using the herbal remedies include...  Learn More >

Chinese Medicine: Are they Safe?

You may have heard concerns about side effects of Chinese herbs. You also heard household medicines like Tylenol may cause liver damage. As a consumer, how can you make sense out of it? What do you need to know about the safety of Chinese herbs?  Learn More >