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TCM Concepts

Who discovered Chinese Medicine?

Have you ever wondered who discovered Chinese medicine? Or how Chinese medicine was discovered? Let us start by addressing the first question: who actually conceptualized what would become known as traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)…....
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What is Qi?

According to TCM theory, Qi is vital energy that circulates both throughout the universe and within the human body’s meridians. Meridians, also theoretical, can be thought of as a tubes or pipes, which carry...
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The Five Elements

If Yin-Yang theory is the foundation for traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), then Five Elements theory is Yin-Yang version 2.0. Five Elements Theory is used in conjunction with Yin-Yang, but greatly expands upon it. Five...
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What is Yin and Yang?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnosis and treatment is guided by the philosophy of Yin-Yang, which instead of treating patients with pharmaceutical solutions, treats by examining internal disharmony. Almost everybody has heard of Yin-Yang. But...
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