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What is the ActiveHerb Rewards Program?

ActiveHerb Rewards Program is our way to thank you for using our products to serve your health needs and for your loyalty by giving back a certain percentage of your purchase to you. You may also earn rewards by submitting authentic and quality reviews.

How does it work?

You just place your order the usual way, no extra effort is needed of you. We take care of the rest.

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Place your order

rewards are automatically assigned

Your rewards will be added to your account

rewards are automatically assigned

Redeem the rewards when you place your next order


What do I need to join the Rewards Program?

You just need to register an account with As soon as you place your first order, you start to earn the rewards.

I already have an account with you, do I need to do anything to join the Rewards Program?

No, you do not need to do anything else. You are automatically enrolled in the program.

Do I need to have an account in order to earn rewards?

Yes. You must have an account in order to earn and track your reward points.

How much do I earn for each purchase?

You earn 5% in dollar value of every purchase excluding any shipping cost. If you become a VIP member, you will earn 7.5% in dollar value of your new purchases.

How can I qualify for a VIP member?

As long as you earn 10,000 points you become a VIP member automatically.

How do I check the rewards I have earned?

Please login your account, you will be able to see your rewards under My Rewards tab.

Can I apply the rewards to the current order I just placed?

No. The rewards is earned only after the order is placed. It can only apply to your next orders.

How are the rewards recorded?

The rewards are recorded in the form of reward points. For every dollar you purchased you receive 5 points for regular customers or 7.5 points for VIP members.

What is the dollar value of points?

Each point equals one cent. 100 points equal one dollar.

When do my points appear on my account?

In most cases within 10 minutes after the purchase is completed, but it may take up to 24 hrs.

How do I redeem the rewards?

You will be shown with the rewards you have earned at check out, you have the option to apply all or part of the rewards to your order. You can also choose to save your rewards for future uses.

Are the reward points going to expire?

Yes. Your rewards will expire if no purchase is made within the next 6 moths (or 182 days).

I need to return some of my purchase. Do I get to keep my rewards in such cases?

No. Your rewards will be deducted accordingly.

I have made purchases before the Rewards Program is launched. Do I get rewards for those orders?

No. Only purchases made after the launch of the program (Jul 16, 2018) are tracked and counted for rewards.

How do I earn points for writing a review?

You simply click the "write a review" button on the page of the product you would like to review. After submission of your writing, we'll issue 500 points for any authentic and quality review. This process may take up to 7 business days.

What should I do if I have a question about my rewards?

You can contact our customer service by email at or by phone at 888-805-4372.

We reserve the rights to modify the terms of the Rewards Program, block certain accounts in case of abuse of the program, and terminate the program at a future date.