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Activeherb™ Modern Essentials Formulas

ActiveHerb Modern Essentials are created to help us live a healthy and active life. This highly selective line of herbal supplements are derived from Chinese medicine and address today's common health challenges. Only the very best Chinese medicine that are time-tested, effective, and safe get into the Modern Essentials.

ActiveHerb Modern Essentials are a powerful fusion of modern science with the tradition of Chinese medicine. They deliver the potency and purity no one else comes close.

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Product Name
English Name
AllTonic™ ,400 mg 80 Veggie Capsules
EaseTonic™ ,400 mg 80 Veggie Capsules
HairVive™ ,400 mg 80 Veggie Capsules
QiVive™ ,400 mg 80 Veggie Capsules
Slimin™ ,400 mg 80 Veggie Capsules
YinVive™ ,400 mg 80 Veggie Capsules