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In the Media

I had inexplicable, incurable, extreme bloating for almost a year: here's what finally fixed it

Oct. 2016

Embarrassed by her abdomen ballooning like a pregnant woman, Dominique went to see various kinds of doctors but did not get a solution. Finally she visited an acupuncturist and was prescribed BloatEase™.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Products Find Fans Overseas

June 2016

In an interview with Global Times, an influential Chinese news agency, Chairman of ActiveHerb Dr. Sheldon Li explains why Chinese medicine finds its fans and keeps growing its base in the USA. Please see the the second part of the report.


Neuropathy: Burn Me, Stab Me, Shoot Me

Nov. 2015

Suffering a neuropathy pain caused by a neurodegenerative condition, Gary got no help from common prescription meds until he found Corydalis Relaxe™ .