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We guarantee each of our patent Chinese medicines is the best of its kind in quality, strength, and safety. They are all carefully manufactured to the highest standard currently hold in the industry. Please refer to Quality Assurance for more info.
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We use an industry standard encryption technology to guarantee the secure data transmission during transaction. We also absolutely guarantee the privacy of our customer information.
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We know how hard to make money for each of us. We strive to put your money to its best use. We conduct business with integrity. That is why we offer our superior products straight at the most competitive price. Our prices are the same everyday. We never run phony sales.
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We are proud of our customer service. Our dedicated staff work very hard to anwser any question you may have with our products or service, whether you post it by phone, email, or online Q & A.
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To further simplify your shopping and lower your cost, we do not charge sales tax from customers. We pay applicable sales tax from our pocket.
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If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, you may return it for a full refund within 30 days (less shipping charge). Please see our Return Policy.
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You just only to place an order of $50 to receive a free shipping to any US address. Your order is shipped within a business day by USPS Priority Mail. Most orders are delivered in about 2 business days.