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Su Zi Jiang Qi Pian (Wan)
An All Natural Chinese Herbal Supplement
Su Zi Jiang Qi Wan (Su Zi Jiang Qi Pian, Su Zi Jiang Qi Tang, Asthmooth™, 苏子降气片) is a regarded Chinese medicine often used to manage asthma symptoms like coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath.
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    What does it do?

    Asthma is a common chronic lung disease that inflames and narrows the airways, causing symptoms like coughing, wheezing, chest tightness, and shortness of breath. Asthma can be caused by many factors such as air pollutants, weather change, viral respiratory infections (e. g., the common cold). Asthma is not curable, but the symptoms can be well controlled with inhaled bronchodilators like albuterol at the acute asthma attack and with glucocorticoids for long term prevention

    Asthma has been long recognized in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and can be distinguished into the cold-type or hot-type, depending on the general condition of the body heat. In the cold-type asthma, the body feels chilly, shows aversion to cold, likes hot drink, has abundant whitish sputum. In contrast, if the phlegm is hot and thick, the body is thirsty and likes cold drink, the asthma is considered hot-type. In TCM, the occurrence of asthma is related to the weak kidney function

    Su Zi Jiang Qi Tang was developed several centuries ago to deal with the cold-type asthma. The Chinese medicine applies to cough with wheezing, shortness of breath, fullness and distress in the chest, abundant whitish sputum, slippery or whitish tongue coating. Additionally, the Chinese medicine is especially helpful for ones who have lower back weakness and cold legs, which are signs of kidney Yang weakness often seen in older people

    Modern applications of Su Zi Jiang Qi Tang include asthma (bronchial asthma), chronic bronchitis, and pulmonary emphysema. In a study that included 49 chronic bronchitis patients at their acute phase, Su Zi Jiang Qi Tang was prescribed for treatment in the form of decoction for 10 to 15 days. The patients were at the age of 41 to 75, had the disease for 6 to 35 years, and were diagnosed according to the standard of the modern internal medicine. In the term of TCM they also showed the deficiency of the Lung and the Kidneys. After the treatment, 30 patients (61%) showed significant improvements, 15 (30%) showed some improvements, and 4 (9%) had no imrovement.1

    Su Zi Jiang Qi Wan may come in slightly different formulations. Su Zi Jiang Qi Wan/Pian of Guang Ci Tang is completed with 11 Chinese herbs. Noticeably, both Rou Gui (Cinnamon bark), for warming the kidney Yang function, and Chen Xiang (Aquilaria), for enhancing the asthma relieving effect of the formula, are present in the Chinese medicine

    Zi Su Zi (Perilla seed) is the chief Chinese herb in the formula that redirects rebellious Lung Qi downward to stop wheezing and dissolves phlegm to stop coughing

    Hou Po (Magnolia bark) moves Qi downward to arrest wheezing, transforms phlegm, and resolves chest distention

    • Qian Hu (Peucedani root) ventilates the Lung, clears phlegm, and stops coughing

    Zhi Ban Xia (Prepared Pinellia rhizome) is a main Chinese herb that transforms phlegm and stops vomiting

    • Chen Pi (Tangerine peel) expels dampness and transforms phlegm. The Chinese herb acts together with prepared pinellia rhizome for cough and asthma due to excessive phlegm in the Lung

    Dang Gui (Angelica sinensis root) is a common blood tonic herb. Its moistening property also neutralizes the drying properties of Perilla seed and other herbs in the formula

    Rou Gui (Cinnamon bark) tonifies the Kidneys and enhances the Yang energy of the Yin-Yang principle

    • Chen Xiang (Aquilaria wood) is a precious Chinese herb that descends rebellious Qi and regulates the Middle. It also tonifies the Kidneys and holds Qi

    • Sheng Jiang (Ginger) ventilates the Lung and disperses Cold

    Gan Cao (Licorice root) harmonizes the digestive function and synchronizes the action of multiple herbs. The Chinese herb also moistens the Lung, relieves cough and transforms phlegm

    Da Zao (Chinese date) moderates and harmonizes the action of other herbs

    What is the formula composition?

    A proprietary blend of

    Fructus Perillae Frutescentis
    Cortex Magnoliae Officinalis
    Radix Peucedani
    Radix Glycyrrhizae Uralensis
    Rhizoma Pinelliae Ternatae
    Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae
    Radix Angelicae Sinensis
    Lignum Aquilariae Resinatum
    Fructus Jujubae
    Rhizoma Zingiberis Recens
    Cortex Cinnamomi Cassiae
    (Zi Su Zi)
    (Hou Po)
    (Qian Hu)
    (Gan Cao)
    (Zhi Ban Xia)
    (Chen Pi)
    (Dang Gui)
    (Chen Xiang)
    (Da Zao)
    (Sheng Jiang)
    (Rou Gui)
    What is Available?
    Guang Ci Tang® 40 grams in 200 mg 200 tablets or 200 mg 200 pills per bottle.

    Su Zi Jiang Qi Pian (Wan) tablets are made with 100% natural herbs that are tested for authenticity, quality, and potency. A traditional water decoction is prepared with the herbs to reproduce the time-tested efficacy of the formula, and this water decoction is concentrated with our proprietary technology to form a potent extract that is made into easily absorbed tablets, which are remarkably effective, easy to use, and safe. The tablets are produced by Guang Ci Tang® in our state of the art cGMP-certified facility and imported in accordance with U.S. FDA guidelines. When you choose Guang Ci Tang® products, you are taking advantage of a wonderful fusion of science and tradition that incorporates the highest standards in the field of Chinese medicine today.

    Guang Ci Tang® Advantages
    Effective. Safe. Affordable
    • True 5:1 concentration
    • Double the strength of other brands
    • Minimal or no fillers and binders
    • No pharmaceuticals, sugar, or dyes
    • Comprehensive lab testing (e.g., heavy metals,etc.)
    • Made in a cGMP certified facility
    • Unbeatable value
    • Safely used in the USA since 1995

    Check for an independent US lab test report.

    How do I use it?

    Take 5 to 7 pills or tablets each time, three times daily. At the acute phase, the dose may be doubled.

    1. Not suitable for dry cough with little phlegm, sore throat, and thirst.
    2. Avoid oily, spicy food while taking the product.
    3. Consult your herbalist or physician before use if you are taking other medicines.
    4. Only to be used by children under adult's direction.
    5. Keep out of reach of children.


    1. Fanghui Cao: Su Zi Jiang Qi Tang for the treatment of 49 cases of chronic bronchitis in the acute phase. 《时珍国医国药》 2007 May vol. 18 No.5
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