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Chinese Herbal Formulas for Blood Sugar Support

The “root causes” of blood sugar management difficulties are due to a deficiency of Kidney and Spleen.

The correlation between any given symptom and internal organs is clearly explained in TCM literature. Symptoms manifest in accordance with a predictable pattern (Five Element Theory) that can be applied to all aspects of the human body. As such, nourishing Kidney and Spleen can have beneficial effects for the Lung and Liver.

The symptoms of blood sugar management difficulties and their most direct relationship to internal organs:

Imbalance Associated Organ
Frequent urination Kidney
Excessive thirst Kidney
Numbness / tingling of hands and feet Kidney / Spleen
Tiredness Kidney / Spleen
Increased hunger Spleen
Weight loss Spleen
Lack of interest and concentration Spleen
Blurred vision Spleen
Slow healing wounds / easy bruising Spleen

I regularly recommend the combination of Active Herb products YinVive and SpleenVive. GlucoAssure and MetaboGuard are great adjunct formulas provided by Active Herb.

YinVive (Liu Wei Di Huang Wan) – Historically used for Kidney health. When the Kidney is diminished functionally, other organs inevitably show signs of dysfunction. As such, it is vitally important to maintain Kidney health. This explains why many symptoms seemingly unrelated to the Kidney may be relieved by restoring the balance of Kidney Yin-Yang.

SpleenVive (Gui Pi Wan) – Used to augment Spleen function. When the Spleen function is weak, digestion is poor, transformation of food into energy and transportation of blood and fluids is impaired. Nourishment to the muscles is impaired. The production of Blood is impaired.

GlucoAssure (Jiang Tang Pian) is a Chinese herbal remedy that nourishes the Kidney Yin and Qi, generates bodily fluids, and helps maintain healthy glucose levels.

Keep in mind that the organ systems discussed here are not the only organ systems that may be affected by the imbalances associated with blood sugar issues. The most accurate recommendations for herbs can be made after assessment by a qualified TCM practitioner and may include dietary modifications as appropriate. The herbal formulas listed here are not intended to replace doctor prescribed medications and this article does not provide specific medical advice. Please observe manufacturer’s precautions when taking herbal formulas.