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I Wish I Could Have Helped My Mom Relieve Her Stress

I wish I could go back in time and give this special formula to help my mother….

Before I explain, allow me to briefly introduce myself. My name is Sheldon Li and I’m the co-founder of ActiveHerb.

I grew up in China during the ’70s when the Cultural Revolution was going on and ordinary Chinese people lived in extreme hardships. My parents and millions of others struggled mightily to put food on the table. To put it mildly, living during this era was stressful.

Even though my grandparent practiced traditional Chinese medicine, nobody in my family, or anybody I knew for that matter, coped with stress by taking this formula I’m about to share with you….

See, the problem was extreme hardship was so common during the Cultural Revolution; stress wasn’t a recognized medical problem like it is today. Chinese medicine was dispensed if you got sick or had physical pain, it wasn’t a mechanism for dealing with general stress.

The sad thing is, many people in the U.S. today don’t get the help they need for stress. And even in modern China, many people there still don’t realize that traditional medicine can help the body and mind much better deal with stress.

The formula I wish I could have given my mother is called ‘Xiao Yao San.’

I regret to say I can’t help my mother. In retrospect, I remember she got easily irritated and complained about pain in the flank region from time to time and bitter mouth, all typical signs for the application of Xiao Yao San that has helped many people cope with stress and improve depression and other mood irregularities. carries this amazing traditional Chinese herbal medicine, labeled as EaseTonic™, which is part of our ‘Modern Essentials’ line.

And it wasn’t until after I co-founded that I started taking this formula myself.

But perhaps you are wondering, “Can an ancient Chinese herbal remedy really help with modern-day stressors? Can an all-natural formula with ingredients such as ginger root and licorice root really help balance mood? And even help with depression?”

I can tell you from first-hand experience it works….

I take EaseTonic because my life is still stressful. Thankfully, not nearly as stressful as my childhood during the Cultural Revolution. But I often work 7 days a week running a business. And despite the stress, I can power through the day with a rock-steady, balanced mood.

How does it work? You see, stress of any kind impedes liver Qi (life force). If healthy liver Qi is like a free-flowing river, stress turns liver qi into a swamp! EaseTonic improves liver Qi. If you’re feeling irritable, even depressed, it can really help (learn why here).

One of the reasons I love waking up in the morning (even though I know I’m going to be working very long hours) is the emails and letters we get from customers telling us how much EaseTonic™ has helped.

Here’s just one of them:

“I am a western medicine practitioner; anxiety and depression are the two most common mood disorders in clinical encounters. I, myself … suffer from these two conditions. I personally have tried many different antidepressants; however, the side effects were troublesome; therefore, I had to quit taking them, just like many of my patients did.

After faithfully taking this supplement for two weeks, I started feeling an improvement in my mood and energy level without any side effects. Thank you so much for providing this awesome product!”

If your life is unbalanced, or you’re feeling stressed out, irritable or depressed, EaseTonic can help–with no toxic side effects. It’s not going to work overnight, but within a couple weeks, you should notice a significant improvement in your outlook. If you’re not 100% satisfied, you can return EaseTonic within 30 days for a full refund, no questions asked.

(And for women, it’s also highly effective for improving PMS and irregular menstrual cycles.)

You know, If I could go back in time I’d not only give EaseTonic to my mom, I’d also have taken it myself. I try not to dwell on the past. But looking back, what I and my family and millions of others went through seems surreal now.

Of course, taking EaseTonic wouldn’t have made life a picnic in Disneyland during the Cultural Revolution. But I’m convinced it’s so effective that it would have made the deleterious effects from the deplorable conditions much easier to cope with.

Thank you for your interest in Please let us know how we can improve or if you have any questions. Feel free to reply directly to this email. Your sense of well-being is our utmost concern….