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Using Chinese Medicine For Yeast Management In The Gut


News headlines have the power to make even invisible monsters frightening. Every summer, a deadly outbreak of e. Coli and salmonella food poisoning occurs. And over the last few years, a trending health topic has made another microorganism seem scary: yeast in the gut. 

Candida can result in a severe quality of life reduction

Yeast is not deadly. But it can result in a severe quality of life reduction. It can cause tiredness, imbalances in the urinary tract, digestive disturbances, itchy anus, sinus problems, joint discomfort and “brain fog.”

One might easily think that it’s best to avoid e. Coli, salmonella and yeast at all costs. But the reality is that these microorganisms are all part of the human microbiome; these invisible critters are present in the digestive tract. In the case of yeast, it only becomes a problem when there’s a proliferation, or overgrowth. And when an overgrowth occurs, the fungus (yeast is a fungus) ventures outside of the digestive tract and can migrate to various tissues and organs in the body, including the brain, hence “brain fog.”

What Causes Yeast Overgrowth in TCM?

One of the major culprits is consuming too much sugar. Certain foods such as candy and other junk with refined sugars are obvious yeast proliferators. So, too, are high-carbohydrate foods and drinks, especially those made with yeast. Think: bread and beer. Dairy products can also trigger overgrowth because of lactose (milk sugar). 

Yeast feasts on sugars and then releases toxic by-products such as ammonia and uric acid.

From a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) perspective, yeast overgrowth is a result of the twin evils of Dampness and Heat. Damp-Heat arises when Spleen Qi is compromised. Spleen is the TCM organ responsible for transforming nutrients into Qi. 

Using Chinese Medicine For Damp-Heat Health Concerns

Feminine Hygiene

When yeasts proliferates, it can lead to an imbalance in the female genital area. This condition is characterized by colored discharge. Our TCM formula, Feminclean drains excess dampness and clears heat below the “belt channel.” 

Excess Heat Throughout the Body

Feeling run down many times during the year? It could be an indication that you have excess Heat and toxicity in the body. InflamClear is our immune-supporting formula that clears heat and resolves toxicity after Wind-Heat attacks.

Urinary Health

Damp-Heat can lead to an imbalance in the Urinary Bladder channel. Our formula UTflow is based on a classic formula created nearly a millennium ago. It clears the urinary tract of Heat and Dampness from the bladder.


ActiveHerb Chinese medicines such as Feminclean, InflamClear, and UTflow may help resolve health concerns caused by Damp-Heat. These TCM herbal formulas bring the body’s internal organs and systems into homeostasis, making the holistic environment more hostile for Damp-Heat to thrive.

Have you used Chinese medicine for Damp-Heat? Leave a comment.

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