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Keep candida under control with Chinese medicine

A female client of mine and I recently engaged in a conversation. The subject was “yeast”. She wanted to know where it came from, why it occurred and how it was treated with Chinese medicine. She was referring, of course, to vaginal yeast and the overgrowth of candida.

I explained to her that yeast was a fungus and that fungus occurs in nature. It just happens. Candida grows naturally in the human body but, there are ideal conditions under which it can grow in excess and cause health problems. The ancient Chinese referred to this condition as “damp-heat”. It refers to a condition that could result in numerous ailments including urinary tract infections, kidney stones and yeast infections.

Keeping candida under control, according to Chinese Medicine theory, involves eliminating the source of nourishment and establishing an environment that is less than ideal for the growth and proliferation of unwanted fungus.

Take away the food source. If you have candida overgrowth sugar is your worst enemy. Well… so are alcohol, bread, cake, crackers, chips, candy, potatoes, cereal, and cookies. Just cut it out! This stuff is bad for you anyway.

Take away the environment. Feminclean™ is a classic Chinese herbal formula that follows TCM principles to eliminate damp-heat. This product is available online or locally wherever Active Herb / Guang Ci Tang products are sold.

Sounds too simple to actually be true, doesn’t it? Yet, it’s a treatment method that’s held true for thousands of years. Different TCM practitioners have slightly ways of dealing with the same issue. The principles are the same. Ask your local acupuncturist if you need help.