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These 3 Things Should Be Your Top Resolutions for 2023

Exercise more. Lose weight. Eat less processed food. Yada Yada Yada. How many times have you heard— or made — those New Year’s resolutions yourself? Sure, being physically active and eating a healthy diet will always be important. But for 2023, let’s look at New Year’s resolutions in a unique way that won’t make you feel guilty if you abandon your goals by February.

2023 New Year’s Resolution #1: Tonify Your Lung Qi

You can eat kale salad everyday until your face turns green. You can do intermittent fasting or any other health trend. But at the end of the day, what really matters to maintaining vibrant health in 2023 is having abundant Lung Qi. 

The obvious function of the physical lungs in Western medicine is to help us take in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide. But from a TCM perspective, here’s why you should pay special attention to your Lungs in early 2023 and beyond. 

What really matters to maintaining vibrant health in 2023 is having abundant Lung Qi.

The Lungs, relative to other organs like the intestines, are the closest to your body’s exterior. That means they have the power to act like an immigration official at an airport, deciding on who gets to enter the country.

If you have adequate Lung Qi, then your Lung organ system will help prevent external, potentially harmful elements from invading your body. Your Lung organ system is like the middle linebacker of your Wei Qi. This defensive side of your energetic bodily operating system is akin to the immune system of Western medicine.

Your Lungs matter because it disperses this defensive Qi throughout the entire surface body area. This action helps not only to protect you, it also helps prevent feeling cold. 

So how can you support your Lung Qi? 

Top Resolutions 2023 #2: Support Digestion

Isn’t it refreshing to read an article about New Year’s resolutions that doesn’t lecture you about losing weight? Without doubt, from a TCM perspective, and virtually every medical system on the planet, both ancient and modern, it’s important to maintain a healthy weight. 

But what’s really important for vibrant health is to emphasize the ability to digest the food you’re eating. This is why in the Far East, white rice is not considered quasi junk food like it is by Western nutritionists. Sure, eating a huge bowl of white rice with no lean protein or low-starch veggies can spike your blood sugar. However, from an Oriental medicine perspective, white rice is very easy to digest. 

And the less burden you’re placing on your digestive organs, the better. Which brings us back to the Lung organ system. You see, if you have weak Lung Qi, there’s a good chance your digestive system—the Spleen organ system of TCM—is weak. If you want to have healthy Lung Qi, you need a healthy gut, and vice versa. Staying away from white rice and other easily-digested food might not be the answer. 

So what can you do to support your Spleen organ system (the digestive system)? 

Resolution #3: Support Your Spirit

If you’re feeling stressed-out, fearful and anxious, it’s going to be difficult to support your Lung and Spleen Qi. So with this in mind, let’s talk about how to support your spirit. After all, there’s lots of things in our hectic, modern life that have the potential to crush your spirit. 

Although it may sound like New Age philosophy, in TCM theory, the key to supporting your spirit is through your heart. The Heart organ system to be more specific. That’s because TCM views the Heart as where the Shen (spirit) resides. 

When the Heart organ system is disturbed, whether it’s fretting over politics, spousal relations or finances, etc, the spirit basically escapes, leading to physical manifestations such as a rapid or pounding heart beat. 

Although there are far too many things that can “crush” your shen, TCM may help. And one of the easiest ways to support your spirit, mental harmony and cognitive function is by supplementing with NeuroSoothe. This 11-herb classic TCM formula is the one formula you can use to support your mood—and spirit—in 2023 and beyond. 

What do you think should be the top resolutions for 2023? Leave a comment below.