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Eye Health: A View Through Chinese Medicine

You wake up and immediately check your phone for messages, social media updates and news. While you eat a quick breakfast before work, you watch a little TV. At work, you sit in front of a monitor for 8 hours. Hopefully, you have time for some exercise but chances are high that to unwind at night, you stare at a screen for another couple hours.

No wonder so many people have eye health and vision problems. In fact, a poll commissioned by the American Academy of Ophthalmology reveals almost two-thirds of adults have eye or vision problems.  

Clearly, Mother Nature did not intend for our eyes to be staring at screens all day and all night. However, not all eye health problems are caused by too much screen time.

Eye Health Through The Lens of Traditional Chinese Medicine

One of the most famous saying in TCM theory is the Liver “opens into the eyes.” What does this mean? It means that the Liver meridian is connected to the eyes, which is the sensory organ related to the Liver. (Capitalized here to distinguish it from the “liver” organ in Western medicine.)

In TCM the eyes reflect Liver health

How well you can see is determined by your eyes being nourished by Liver blood. The Liver is the storage house of blood. You may not realize you have insufficient Liver blood, but if you have dry eyes and blurred vision, Blood Deficiency could be the culprit.

In Western medicine, there’s also a connection between eye health and the liver (western organ). If the eyes are yellow, this can be an indication of jaundice; in TCM, too, the eyes reflect Liver health.

And in addition to deficient Liver blood, your liver may be hyperactive (excess heat). Again, this may be an esoteric concept. But the theory hits home if you have painful, swelling of the eyes or chronically red eyes.

How To Support Eye Health and Vision With TCM

For thousands of our customers, the classic TCM herbal formula, YinVive Eyes has helped support eye health and vision.

YinVive Eyes™

Since the 1700s, Chinese medicine doctors have been prescribing the formula for which YinVive Eyes is based on—Liu Wei Di Huang Tang.

YinVive Eyes contains two extra eye nourishing herbs that the original formula does not. Although Liu Wei Di Huang Tang is a highly-regarded classic formula, we believe our modern adaptation is even more beneficial for supporting eye and vision health.

Healthy Kidneys, Healthy Eyes

The eyes affect all TCM organs (and vice versa). In addition to the Liver, the other important organ system that greatly influences eye health and vision is the Kidneys.

The formula for YinVive Vision contains added eye tonic herbs to our popular YinVive formula, which restores and strengthens Kidney and Liver Yin energy.

YinVive Vision™

Both YinVive Eyes and YinVive Vision support eye and vision health. For a more classic formula, choose YinVive Eyes. For a more modern, complex formula, YinVive Vision is appropriate. Both formulas help improve circulation to the eyes, which is attributed to cold and dampness exposure—the most common cause of poor vision, according to TCM theory.

Want to See Better Into The Future? Control Your Emotions

If you have chronic red eyes, maybe it’s not allergies. It could be that your Liver has excess heat. One way to know for sure if this is the case is assess your emotions. Do you frequently feel angry or short-tempered? Or do you often feel other negative emotions such as resentment and irritability?

Liver FireClear™

Liver FireClear is a classic formula that removes excess heat from the Liver. When you have excess heat in the Liver, Qi cannot flow sufficiently to the eyes. In a study of over 90,000 people, this formula was the most commonly prescribed remedy for clearing excess Liver heat.

Interestingly, this formula has not only helped people. It has also helped four-legged creatures.

Consider this 5-star review from Julia of Port Charlotte, FL:

“I purchased for my dog, Duke. He had red eyes. Was told it might be from liver meridian. His redness cleared up and it stopped his tear stains. It even helped his temperament.”

Like YinVive Vision and YinVive Eyes, Liver FireClear has a collective 5-star rating.

Here’s to seeing better in the future….