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Pericardium in TCM: The Secret To Great Sex?

Can a double-layered sac of tissue that protects the heart in Western medicine also be the key to great sex in Traditional Chinese Medicine? 

In Western anatomy, the pericardium is the fluid-filled organ that surrounds and lubricates the heart, shielding it from trauma. But like all organ systems in TCM, the Pericardium is more than the physical organ. When in balance, this Fire meridian creates conditions that are ripe for affection, intimacy, joy and sexual energy. 

It’s no wonder that in addition to protecting the heart, the pericardium is also the Circulation Sex meridian in TCM.

The Role of the Pericardium In TCM

On a physical level, both In TCM and western anatomy, the pericardium has one of the most important jobs in the human body. You can think of the pericardium as the personal bodyguard of the Heart system of TCM. 

Now, obviously, every organ system is important and TCM regards health on a holistic level. But just one organ system has to be placed on a pedestal and regarded as The Emperor. And that organ is the Heart. So think of the Heart as the supreme ruler. No supreme ruler can be an effective and kind monarch without protection. Enter the Pericardium. 

The pericardium doesn’t just protect the heart physically. It also helps the Heart emotionally by shielding it from the daily fluctuations of emotional roller coasters (ups and downs). The pericardium also plays a vital role in regulating cardiovascular circulation. And this circulation is a physical necessity for healthy intimacy. 

Pericardium Problems

To protect your Heart, you need a strong pericardium. But what if your Heart protector is weak, then what? And can anything be done to transform your pericardium from a 100-pound weakling into a burly powerlifter? 

When in balance, this Fire meridian creates conditions that are ripe for affection, intimacy, joy and sexual energy.

It’s vital to not only protect your heart but also make sure the pericardium is operating in balance. That’s because it serves as the first line of defense against external influences (Wind, Dampness, etc.). 

In addition, according to TCM theory, the mind and consciousness are rooted not only in the brain but also the Heart and Pericardium. This is why poor circulation or the TCM condition known as blood deficiency can manifest as an unsettled mind. As a result, fear and a lack of joy can pervade. And when this happens, we are much less likely to love others, whether that’s in the spiritual sense of the physical sense. 

If the Pericardium has been hitting the gym, so to speak, and doing its job of being the strong, valiant Heart Protector, it will prevent one from feeling too emotionally vulnerable. The pericardium, then, can help prevent heartbreak and wildly fluctuating mood swings. 

But if Pericardium is weak, not only can it lead to physical heart ailments and lack of joy, it can also cause digestive discomfort. (Perhaps this has something to do with the relatively recent discovery of the Gut-Brain connection in western medicine?) Over time, an imbalance of the Heart or Pericardium produces internal excess heat, which essentially dries out bodily fluids. 

Pericardium in TCM & Sexual Function

As mentioned, besides protecting Heart, Pericardium helps regulate circulation. And here’s another important function: it’s responsible for a healthy sex life by controlling the secretion of sexual fluid. 

An imbalance of the Heart/Pericardium creates Yin deficiency. In essence, this means that there’s not enough warmth in the body’s organs and tissues. Thus, when someone feels sexually frigid, it’s a sure-fire sign that their Heart could use a tune-up. And on the flip-side, the Heart can have too much Fire. Sexually, this can manifest as unconstrained sexual desires, or in other words, always having sex on the mind. 

But when operating in perfect Yin/Yang balance, the Pericardium will create a better environment for which healthy sexual relationships can flourish. And even if it doesn’t manifest sexually, an effective Pericardium will help one feel grounded, joyful and open to cultivating meaningful friendships. 

TCM Tip: 

If you’re feeling broken hearted or feeling a lack of joy or anxiousness, there’s an acupressure point called PC7 that may help. Pericardium 7 is located in the middle of the wrist crease on the inside of your arm directly under your palm. Press down on it with your opposing thumb for a minute or so while taking some deep breaths. 

Chinese Herbal Medicine For Heart/Pericardium

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