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Preserve Kidney Qi Energy From Leakage

Kidney Qi leakage

What an exhaustive, challenging year 2020 was! It’s virtually impossible to not be affected emotionally, psychologically or physically by the events of last year. According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), when you feel stressed out and tired, your body can leak essential energy (known as “Jing” in TCM). 

Just as rusty plumbing can cause water leaks, poorly-functioning, aging organ systems caused by stress can create leakage of your Kidney Qi, which is the key to your vital essence, or Jing. 

If you want to look and feel your best in 2021 and beyond, it’s important to learn how to prevent Kidney Qi leakage and support your organ systems…

Symptoms of Qi Leakage

Just as rusty plumbing can cause water leaks, poorly-functioning, aging organ systems caused by stress can create leakage of your Kidney Qi, which is the key to your vital essence, or Jing

In a normal year, not everybody suffers from Qi leakage. It goes without saying that 2020 was no normal year, and therefore, many people were unable to preserve their vital energy. Besides feeling tired, how do you know if your Qi has been depleted because the body cannot effectively contain essential fluids? 

There are several symptoms, including a frequent urge to urinate, and the inability to hold it; nocturnal emissions; weight gain; joint discomfort; graying of the hair; foggy memory; diminishing eyesight and other signs of premature aging, 

Causes Of Leaky Qi

In addition to the stress caused by the events of last year, other modern lifestyle factors contribute to leaky Qi: air pollution; herbicides, pesticides, and other toxic chemicals in the food supply; eating heavily-processed foods with lots of sugar and salt; taking certain medications, not exercising enough; exercising too much; recreational drugs; not getting enough sleep; excess sexual activity (for men); etc.

As you can see, it’s nearly impossible with our modern lifestyle to prevent some degree of Qi leakage. 

How Can I Feel More Energetic For The New Year?

The key to feeling more energetic is plugging leaky Qi and fortifying your organs. And one of the best ways to strengthen your organs is by taking Chinese tonic herbs. 

Tonic herbs restore, tone and invigorate the body’s organs. 

One of the most legendary tonic herbs in TCM is He Shou Wu. Also called Fo Ti root (Radix Polygoni Multiflori Preparata), He Shou Wu revitalizes the Kidneys, which is where all the energy you inherited when you were born, resides. By supporting Kidney function (He Shou Wu also supports the Liver), which is the source of vital Qi, this storied TCM herb also nourishes the Blood. Having smoother-flowing blood supports the circulatory system and libido. 

Shan Yao, better known as Chinese yam in the West (Rhizoma Dioscoreae) offers the dual benefits of tonifying Qi and securing Jing.

An obvious sign of Qi leakage is when fluids leak out of your body. There’s certainly no more evident sign of Qi leakage than the inability to hold your bladder. Just as in Western anatomy, the key to a properly-functioning bladder is having vital Kidney function. 

Here are a couple other options for preserving your vital essence: The formula, YanVive and the single herb extract granules of Tu Si Zi. Ironically, the English name of Tu Si Zi is Dodder Seed. A “doddering old fool” is one who moves feebly because of old age. Could it be that dodder seed prevents you from being a doddering senior citizen? 

For The Ladies: Chinese Herbs That Support Female Energy & Beauty

Due to monthly menstrual cycles or the hormonal challenges of menopause, women especially need a potent health tonic. 

LadiesTonic is one of the most complex formulas available on It contains 19 ingredients that support energy as well as skin, nails, hair, and a normal cycle. 

Women (as well as men) can also feel more energetic by keeping blood sugar levels steady. Our formula GlucoAssure supports a normal blood sugar level, nourishes Qi, and may replenish vital fluids that have leaked. 

Stop Qi Leakage, Slow Down The Aging Process

We’re all looking forward to the better times that are ahead in 2021. If you want to look and feel your best, however, it’s important to not only prevent Qi leakage, but also to correct organ imbalances that have been caused by it. Traditional Chinese Medicine, especially tonic herbs, may help. Happy New Year!

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