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Let Your Voice Be Heard! How Singers & Others Who Rely On Their Vocal Chords Can Have a Voice of Gold

Tomorrow’s the big day: you’re pitching a business proposal in front of the board of directors of a Fortune 500 company. The speech will determine if you’re company will be the software supplier for this multi-billion dollar corporation. Your proposal hinges on landing a huge contract.

Or, let’s imagine another scenario: you are the lead singer in a band that will perform at a club in front of a big record label executive for the first time. Nail the performance and a record contract is virtually guaranteed. 

Both the proposal and concert hinge on having healthy vocal cords and strong, commanding voice. But most people, including those who rely on having a voice of gold for a living, take vocal chord health for granted. Similar to vision and hearing, many of us live day to day not giving our physical senses much thought—except when it’s too late. 

Few people also realize how crucial a strong, healthy voice is for their profession. In fact, according to the National Center for Voice & Speech, “At least one in four of all working Americans would find it impossible to pursue their professions of choice, while others may even put public safety at risk should their voices become disabled.”1

Inevitably, sore throats, hoarseness of voice, temporary voice loss or nodules are part of life. The good news is that if you rely on your voice for a living, there’s something you can do to minimize your chances of not being able to perform… 

How to Protect Or Improve Your Voice 

Consuming a diet high in added sugars leads to inflammation.

There are a couple obvious things you can do to keep your throat and vocal cords in good shape. For starters, don’t smoke. Also avoid excess alcohol consumption. Another thing you can do is to limit intake of added sugars in your diet. Consuming a diet high in added sugars (stick with natural sugars such as those in fruit) leads to inflammation. Inflammation can manifest in the throat. 

The common cold can also contribute to vocal disharmony. For this reason, it’s a good idea to support your immune system. Our herbal formula, Jade Defender, has been used successfully for centuries to do just that.

Herbal Support For Your Throat & Voice

A traditional Chinese medicine formula we specifically carry for throat and vocal cord support is VoiceGold. VoiceGold clears toxic heat from the throat and includes herbs such as Burdock fruit that supports the larynx. Other herbs work on the Lung meridian system to clear excess phlegm and heat. 

VoiceGold For Singers

Shekhar S., an ActiveHerb customer in Houston, TX, sings in her temple’s choir every Sunday. But the Hindu religion has several multi-day festivals, such as Diwali, which requires Shekhar to sing for up to as much as 4 days in a row. “My throat gets hoarse if I sing for all day for a few days in a row,” Shekhar says. “But when I take VoiceGold, it quickly soothes my throat from overuse. From now on, I’m going to use it as a preventative measure before festival days,” adds Shekhar.

How To Take VoiceGold 

Should you take VoiceGold only when problems arise or should you take it as a preventative measure? The answer: either method is fine. If you notice acute symptoms developing, you may double the recommended dose of VoiceGold for quicker results. 

Please note that you should consult with a Chinese medicine professional (acupuncturist or herbalist) to see if you should be taking any other heat- or wind-clearing herbs for your symptoms. If symptoms are chronic, we recommend seeing your regular doctor to rule out any serious health issues. 

But if you have a profession that relies on talking loudly or even shouting (a sports coach), consider taking VoiceGold as a daily supplement to support your vocal cords. 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) there are several formulas to support the throat. VoiceGold contains herbs that appear the most frequently in traditional formulations for tonsil support and throat and voice function. These herbs include peppermint, platycodon and licorice. VoiceGold is formulated to meet the most common concerns of vocal and throat health. 

Do you have any tips or suggestions for sore throats or vocal hoarseness? Share your comment below.


1: Voice as a Primary Tool of Trade