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ActiveHerb Donates 5% of February Sales to Help Fight Coronavirus in China


San Diego, Calif. February 4, 2020 — ActiveHerb Technology, Inc. announced today that it will donate 5% of sales during the month of February to help fight the new coronavirus.

Since the virus first became diagnosed in December, it has quickly escalated into a worldwide concern. The World Health Organization now considers coronavirus a global health emergency. To date, nearly 24,000 cases have been confirmed, with 491 deaths. The majority of cases are contained in China, and thus far, only 11 cases have been confirmed in the U.S., where the virus is considered a public health emergency by the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services. 

“We stand with the Chinese people in the fight to contain the coronavirus and are touched by the sacrifice they are making during this difficult time spent on mandatory lockdown. And by helping them, we are helping ourselves here in America,” said Dr. Sheldon Li, ActiveHerb Chairman. 

Thus far, ActiveHerb, which was established to promote health with time-tested Chinese herbal remedies, has donated $10,000 to the effort. The proceeds will be used to acquire urgent medical supplies such as surgical masks and gowns, which China is in desperate need of to stem the tide of this highly-contagious pandemic. 

About ActiveHerb Technology, Inc.: ActiveHerb Technology, Inc. researches and develops herbal supplements with a focus on traditional Chinese medicine. With headquarters in San Diego, California, ActiveHerb is a leading online marketer of Chinese herbs, including those that support the immune system. Additional information may be found at