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Herbal Pain Relief: An Alternative To Opioids

Herbal Pain Relief

In light of the opioid addiction epidemic, more and more people are turning to herbal pain relief formulas.

Pain is arguably the biggest quality-of-life robber. Insomnia? Sure, it’s a drag. But at least you can take cat naps and practice stress-reduction techniques to help you sleep better. Allergies? Very annoying, sometimes even debilitating. However, it’s often temporary and remedies can be very effective in relieving symptoms.

When you can barely get out of bed in the morning or perform the simplest tasks like bending over to tie your shoe, pain has got the best of you.

Digestion problems? Unpleasant and sometimes embarrassing. But with diet modification and other therapies, symptoms can be managed. But chronic pain is a different, meaner beast.

When you can barely get out of bed in the morning or perform the simplest tasks like bending over to tie your shoe, pain has got the best of you.

Sometimes, the root cause of pain is obvious. Say, for example, you got into a car accident and your neck is sore.

In this case, pain is unavoidable, yet treatable. It will eventually go away.

But for many people, pain is chronic.

In fact, over 11 percent of American adults–25.3 million people–experience pain every day for at least three months. And almost 18 percent of American adults suffer from “severe levels” of pain.1

Do strong natural pain killers exist? And do they work?

Yes. And yes.

However, don’t take it from us. Instead, read what others are saying about our herbal pain relief formula, StasisClear, which is for general pain anywhere or all over your body:

“I use this to help with pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis [and a] desiccated and ruptured disk. It has helped beyond expectations. To this date no over the counter medication, nor prescription meds, such as hydrocodone or other synthetic pain reliever has worked as well as this herbal [remedy].” — James, New Mexico

Here’s another brief review of StasisClear from one of our thousands of customers who have successfully managed pain with this herbal remedy:

“This product helped my broken foot heal faster and helps manage my lupus related pain.” — H. Murphy, Louisville, KY

Natural Chronic Pain Relief 

Corydalis Relaxe™

If you’re not exercising enough and sitting at a desk all day, your blood may stop moving in a particular area. In Chinese medicine theory, this is called “blood stasis.”

When blood stasis presents in the meridian network, of, say, the lower back, it can lead to sharp, stabbing and unbearable pain.

For general pain management caused by blood stasis our formula, Corydalis Relaxe may help. 

For lots of our customers, including S. McElwain of Anza, CA, the product has been an effective herbal pain reliever. Here’s what McElwain product review of Corydalis Relaxe states:

“I have had fibromyalgia since 1997 and have tried almost every ‘western’ medication for pain. All have been ineffectual for pain relief and have had many severe side affects. I have been using corydalis relaxe for about 4 months (I’m on my 4th bottle). It took about 2 weeks to feel anything different but I have now been able to get off of my 800mg ibuprofen 3-4 times per day and just use the corydalis. I think will be much better for my kidneys and liver than all of the NSAIDS that I’ve been taking for so many years. I’ve been so very happy with this result that I have tried other Active Herb products for some other health issues.”

Natural Pain Relief For Arthritis & Low Back Pain

Low back pain is the single leading cause of disability worldwide.2

And it’s not a recent phenomenon. In fact, low back pain has been treated for centuries with herbal medicine.

TCM recognizes several different patterns of pain, including at least a few for low back pain.


For example, blood stasis, as mentioned above, is a major contributor to low back pain.

Although the cause of blood stasis several hundred years ago may have been different (repetitive manual labor compared to modern sedentary lifestyle), nonetheless, blood stasis and Qi stagnation cause acute, stabbing pain in the meridians that flow through the lower back area.

The most recommended Chinese herbal remedy for back pain associated with blood stasis is the aforementioned, StasisClear.

And for those that experience low back pain because of environmental conditions (cold, wind and damp), our formula JointsJoy may help negate the effects of external factors that contribute to joint pain and arthritis.

Learn more about our low back pain formulas.

Herbal Pain Killers For Specific Areas of the Body

For discomfort in the knees, learn about KneeKinder, our signature formula. We also carry a formula specifically designed for neck pain: Neckinder.

If you have acute pain from an injury, these herbal remedies may help.

Headaches, too, may be relieved by these formulas we offer.

Women who experience painful cramps during menstruation can explore these three remedies

Finally, if you have a toothache, needless to say, you should visit a dentist. You may also find relief from our formula that purges toxic heat: CoptisClear.

What causes chronic (and inexplicable) pain?

In western medicine, the root cause (or causes) of certain diseases or conditions that result in pain and discomfort, such as fibromyalgia, is unknown. There are certain theories that suggest the reasons for inexplicable pain.

For instance, having an autoimmune disease may put you at greater risk for developing pain in the tissues, in the case of fibromyalgia, or joints, in the case of arthritis.

In comparison, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) offers different theories about what causes pain.

The first theory relates to too much Qi in a specific area of the body. While having too little Qi (deficiency) can cause fatigue, too much Qi leads to stagnation, like a traffic jam.

But instead of too many cars on the road, Qi stagnation leads to a backlog of bodily substances. This excessive build-up can result in pain.

Here’s an example of Qi stagnation:

Let’s say you enjoy jogging. But after every time you run, there’s a nagging pain around or in one of your joints.

The repetitive stress of high-impact activity can cause Qi stagnation.

In addition, dysfunction of the Kidney organ system, especially Kidney Qi deficiency, can manifest as back pain.

That’s because the Kidney organ system is fundamental to all other organs. It’s also the source of Yin and Yang energy. It’s no coincidence most people begin to experience back pain in middle age because Kidney function declines beginning around age 40.


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