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What Is Blood Stasis And How Does TCM Help Ease Discomfort?

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Natural Solutions for Blood Stasis

Corydalis Relaxe™

If you’re not exercising enough and sitting at a desk all day, your blood may stop moving in a particular area. In Chinese medicine theory, this is called “blood stasis.”

When blood stasis presents in the meridian network, of, say, the lower back, it can lead to sharp, stabbing and intense discomfort.

Our blood stasis-clearing formula, Corydalis Relaxe may help.

Low back discomfort is the single leading cause of disability worldwide.

TCM recognizes several different patterns of discomfort in the lower back area.


For example, blood stasis, as mentioned above, is a major contributor.

Although the cause of blood stasis several hundred years ago may have been different (repetitive manual labor compared to modern sedentary lifestyle), nonetheless, blood stasis and Qi stagnation cause blockages in the meridians that flow through the lower back area.

The most recommended Chinese herbal formula for back discomfort associated with blood stasis is the aforementioned, StasisClear.

And for those that need low back support because of environmental conditions (cold, wind and damp), our formula JointsJoy may help negate the effects of external factors such as weather.

Learn more about our low back supporting formulas.

Herbal Solutions For Specific Areas of the Body

For knee support, learn about KneeKinder, our signature formula. We also carry a formula specifically designed for neck support, Neckinder.

If you have recently required first aid, these herbal formulas may help to remove blood stasis and support blood circulation.

Women seeking herbal support during the menstrual cycle can explore these formulas.

Finally, if you have discomfort in the mouth, needless to say, you should visit a dentist. From a TCM perspective, oral discomfort may be caused by toxic heat, and this formula, according to TCM theory, purges it: CoptisClear.

Qi Stagnation

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) offers different theories about what causes discomfort.

The first theory relates to too much Qi in a specific area of the body. While having too little Qi (deficiency) can cause fatigue, too much Qi leads to stagnation, like a traffic jam.

But instead of too many cars on the road, Qi stagnation leads to a backlog of bodily substances. This excessive build-up can result in discomfort.

Here’s an example of Qi stagnation:

Let’s say you enjoy jogging. But after every time you run, there’s a nagging sensation around or in one of your joints.

The repetitive stress of high-impact activity can cause Qi stagnation.

In addition, dysfunction of the Kidney organ system, especially Kidney Qi deficiency, can manifest as back sensitivity.

That’s because the Kidney organ system is fundamental to all other organs. It’s also the source of Yin and Yang energy. It’s no coincidence most people begin to experience back problems in middle age because Kidney function declines beginning around age 40.

If you’ve been hampered by years by blood stasis or Qi stagnation, be proactive and give one of these herbal formulas a try.