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Tired of Feeling Tired? Support Your Energy with Chinese Medicine

Tired doesn’t even begin to describe how you feel when your alarm goes off every morning for work or school.

So although you feel like a card-carrying member of the zombie-apocalypse, you press on, doing what you have to do.

If only you could wake up feeling refreshed every single day. But more than that, if only you could feel energetic throughout the whole day, even if you have an uninspiring, 40+ hours a week desk job. And without having to train at a gym like an Olympic athlete to get in shape.

Sound like mere wishful thinking?

Well, first of all, do realize you’re not alone. And secondly, do realize it’s not just wishful thinking; it’s an attainable goal your body just needs some internal fine tuning.

TCM Energy Formulas: Why Americans Need Them

One out of every 7 Americans wake up feeling energized. And for those lucky enough to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night, almost half of Americans who get that much sleep still feel tired at least a few days a week.

Moreover, it’s estimated that almost 30% of Americans feel tired upon waking at least 4 days a week. [SOURCE]

30% of Americans feel tired upon waking at least 4 days a week

What do most people do to make it through the day? Many rely on caffeine.

There’s nothing wrong with one or two cups of coffee to get you through the day. But caffeine doesn’t supply your body with the same vital energy that Blood and Qi provide, according to traditional Chinese medicine.

Without doubt, sales of TCM formulas for energy support are increasing as a result. But do they really work?

They just might.

But before discussing TCM energy formulas, it’s important to determine the root cause(s) of why you’re chronically tired.

Qi Deficiency = Fatigue

If you’re frequently tired, you probably don’t have enough circulating life force. This life force is your internal Qi.

Qi is somewhat of an esoteric concept for some westerners to conceive. You can think of Qi in terms of money.

Support Energy Levels Without Stimulants

If you have abundant Qi circulating freely in your body, you’re, in essence, rich. You may have inherited some of this abundant energy currency from your parents. However, if you’re not saving your Qi nest egg and building it back up, you’ll deplete your Qi reserves.

And all it takes is revisiting the intro of this blog post to determine why many people feel energetically bankrupt. Chronic stress from overwork and not managing stress depletes your circulating life force.

You know you have a Qi deficiency if you’re winded walking up a flight of stairs (pain from injuries notwithstanding).

QiVive™ is our most popular formula for replenishing and nourishing your vital energy. It’s one of the most prescribed TCM energy-support formulas by herbalists, acupuncturists and TCM doctors.

We also have single Qi-building support herbal extracts such as ginseng, astragalus root, cordyceps and eleuthero root.

Qi Stagnation = Stuck Energy

According to TCM theory, the Liver organ system rules the smooth flow of Qi. You may actually have plenty of energy currency, but sometimes it gets stuck due to an internal situation in your body that looks, on an energetic level, like a bad rush-hour traffic jam.

In this case, you have Qi stagnation.

Poor diet and other lifestyle factors, as well as negative emotions and the 6 pernicious evils (external factors) can cause Liver Qi stagnation (and stagnation in other organs).

Qi stagnation, in general, can affect not only your energy level but your mood as well. If you’re overworked and have trouble managing your stress, try one of our best-selling formulas, EaseTonic, for supporting a positive mood.

Too Tired for Intimacy?

It’s not only your Liver organ system that governs how efficiently your Qi is flowing through your body. The Kidney organ system plays a critical role as well.

In fact, both of these organ systems determines your homeostasis level. In other words, the Kidneys and Liver are critical for perfect Yin and Yang harmony (homeostasis). Moreover, Liver and Kidneys are intrinsically tied to your longevity, how gracefully you will age, and how much sexual energy you’ll have.

The reason the Kidney organ system is related to fatigue is because Qi ultimately depends on this harmonious nature between Yin and Yang. Consequently, if you’re feeling tired and have no desire for intimacy, you likely need to replenish Kidney Qi.

Spending countless hours staring at a screen can zap your body of Kidney Yin energy.

If you can relate, our formula, YinVive can help replenish Kidney Yin Qi.

Depleting Your Life’s Essence

Your life essence, or Jing, is stored in your Kidney organ system. You inherit much of your essence from your parents. But you can also spend it faster than you replenish it, which can lead to fatigue and rapid aging.

Replenish your Jing

Not getting enough sleep and staying up late can zap your body of Jing. So, too, can frequently being angry and having chronic stress.

Lifestyle choices such as too much alcohol or recreational drugs can also deplete Jing, and hence, cause Qi deficiency. And if you’re male, frequent ejaculation also depletes Jing.

Goji berry, mulberry and the legendary anti-aging herb, he shou wu can replenish your Jing. Our formula, Hairvive, features he shou wu, which may help you age more gracefully.

Poor Blood Circulation = No Desire For a Walk in the Park

Qi moves the Blood, according to TCM theory. Thus, if Qi is stagnant and ultimately deficient, blood circulation suffers. You’re not likely going to enjoy walking or let alone have the energy to do it.

Simply put, you need proper blood circulation to feel energetic. If you feel cold much of the time, this is one classic sign you have blood stasis.

Thankfully, if you suspect or have been told by a medical professional you have poor circulation, our formula CircuFine can improve circulatory health.

Wiped Out After Exercising?

Exercising is supposed to revitalize you and make you more resistant to fatigue. However, for some people, exercising makes them feel even more wiped out. If you can relate, Pulsegenic™ is a famous herbal formula for replenishing both Qi and Yin and is ideal for sports and exercise routines.

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