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How To Live To 101 Using These 5 TCM Anti Aging Tips

When it comes to how long we’re living, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is that from 1980 to 2019, life expectancy in the U.S increased. But from 2019 to 2020, our collective lifespan decreased a full half year, from 78.8 years to 77 years, according to the CDC

We’re living longer than previous generations though at what expense? How many of us live until a ripe old age while enjoying a high quality of life? Medications and surgeries can keep us alive longer, but when you can’t move without discomfort and have other limitations, it it worth living to triple digits?

Anti-aging is a relatively new discipline in the West. But in the Far East, drinking from the proverbial fountain of youth is a pursuit thousands of years old. 

If you want to be a nonagenarian or even a centenarian, full of vim and vigor, what are the anti-aging secrets of traditional Chinese medicine? 

Let’s explore the 5 best TCM anti-aging secrets.

TCM Anti-Aging Secrets #1: Eliminate Blood Stasis

The philosophies of TCM evolved in large part by observing patterns in nature. One observation that was made was that a healthy river has the Goldilocks amount of flow —not too little and not too much. 

That’s probably not that much of a revelation. But what was rather ingenious thousands of years ago, long before the dawn of microscopy, sages in the Far East realized that healthy circulation of blood mirrors that of a river—not a stagnant swamp and not a raging torrent.

As most people age, they become less active. And when you become less active and spend more time being sedentary, your blood does not flow as efficiently. Like a river choked off by a beaver dam, blood can pool in certain areas of the body such as the lower extremities. This is called Blood Stasis in TCM. 

In the Far East, drinking from the proverbial fountain of youth is a pursuit thousands of years old.

And in TCM theory, Qi, which is your body’s main source of energy, controls your blood circulation. Blood stasis is a vicious cycle: not enough energy moving the blood and not enough blood to move energy throughout the body. 

So what ancient secrets does TCM employ in order to keep blood flowing like a harmonious river? 

First, there’s the ancient moving meditation disciplines of Tai Chi and Qi Gong. If you’re not doing one of these yet, then start. With so many free video tutorials there’s really no excuse. 

Second, there are herbal formulas that support healthy circulation. 

StasisClear contains a dozen time-tested Chinese herbs that invigorate the blood and remove blood stasis. StasisClear doesn’t give you the green light to be an intentional couch potato. Even if there are physical limitations that require confinement to a seated or supine position, most of us can move our limbs around a few times a day. 

Yet it’s good to know that there’s a TCM anti-aging formula to support blood flow. 

TCM Anti-Aging Secrets #2: Strengthen Your Spleen

If Qi is the commander of Blood, the driving force responsible for circulation, then the Spleen organ system is the sergeant that directs the Blood where to go—to the other organ system. 

According to TCM theory, the Spleen organ system (not the same spleen as in western medicine) transforms the food you eat into nutrients, which provides you with Qi. In addition, this Qi is transported to the rest of the body. And as you learned above, Qi controls blood circulation. 

For many people, a natural part of the aging process is the digestive organs lose their effectiveness. But according to herbal Chinese medicine, it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Thanks to formulas such as SpleenVive, you can support your digestion at any age. And when you strengthen your Spleen, you’re also supporting your overall energy and blood flow. 

#3: Eliminate Dampness

TCM is a holistic discipline that recognizes that all organ systems are interconnected. Thus, if we have blood stasis and Spleen Qi deficiency, our immune system will suffer as well. 

Some people have a TCM pattern for many years called dampness. An imbalance in the body, dampness occurs when there is too much moisture in the tissues or fluids like water in the organs. 

And if not addressed, dampness progresses into phlegm. Phlegm isn’t necessarily the kind that you need a tissue for (although mucus and expectoration are manifestations). Chronic phlegm leads to a sensation of heaviness, low energy and weight gain. It’s not necessarily eating too much that causes us to pack on the pounds. Rather, it’s the inability to clear excess dampness from the body. 

One way to clear dampness is by using an herbal formula to support water metabolism such as Wateroff. But don’t expect miracles if your diet is full of junk food. A poor diet is one leading cause of dampness.

#4: Nourish Your Kidneys

In both Eastern and Western medicine, healthy kidney function is essential for graceful aging, albeit in different ways. 

In Western medicine, the adrenal glands rest on top of the kidneys. The adrenals are responsible for releasing hormones that regulate your body’s response to stress. In addition, the adrenals play a vital role in regulating the immune system, metabolism, blood pressure and other functions. 

In TCM, the adrenals are considered part of the Kidney organ system, which stores Jing. Jing is your vital essence and it can be converted into Qi and Blood. Having abundant Jing is essential for a healthy aging process. 

If you want to support your Kidneys and vital essence, learn more about’s best-selling formula, AllTonic. Not only does it replenish Jing essence, it supports Qi energy, nourishes Blood, supports a healthy libido and immune system and more…

TCM Anti-Aging Tip #5: Nourish Your Liver To See The Future

Another benefit of AllTonic is supporting vision and eye health, which is critical for enjoying the late winter of your life. But if you want extra support for your ocular health, you’ll want to nourish your Liver organ system. 

That’s because in TCM, the Liver channel opens to the eyes. What this means is that the Liver meridian system externally ends (or begins depending on how you “see” it) in the eyes. 

Consequently, the Liver is the organ primarily responsible for healthy vision. 

One way to support your vision is to take a break from looking at screens every 30 minutes or so. Focus on an object 20 feet or more away and blink rapidly several times before coming back to your screen. 

There are also eyeball exercises you can do. (Some people call it eye yoga.) For example, move your eyeballs from one diagonal corner to the other several times and switch sides. 

And oh yeah, there’s also a Chinese medicine formula for supporting vision and eye health: YinVive Vision

You don’t have to purchase all these formulas to support a more graceful aging process. If you have the budget for only one formula, give AllTonic a try. Use it for a minimum of 30 days to notice any positive results. Some people experience positive outcomes within a couple weeks. 

And if you have any anti-aging tips, we’d love to hear from you. Get the conversation started. Leave a comment below…